About Us

As a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology graduating Magna Cum Laude, Gray first caught the attention of designer Tracy Reese in New York as a intern.  She then brought her design and practical experience to renowned designer Byron Lars where she currently serves as public relations manager and design coordinator of his Beauty Mark label.  Working side by side with Byron and Byron Lars Beauty Mark for 13 years and 3 months now.  Establishing Public Relations, social media networks and helping Byron and the team to further launch the brand into new frontiers.
While also creating and establishing her brand the The Sheila Gray Collection.  A Unique high quality, handmade and hand crafted “Outfit Maker” accessories collection.
The Sheila Gray accessories collection was fabricated through a personal health challenge that I faced in 2012, which fortunately resulted in not only my now good health, but also this labor of love coming forth.
In the time span from 2008 to 2012, she was diagnosed with Cancer, and then after being healed thank you God from that.  She was diagnosed with Endometriosis. She has had to have several procedures and ultimately surgery was performed on me is the masses of tissue had gone to several places in my body that it should not have. Sheila has endured changes in her life that would influence her in ways that she did not expect.  Regardless of this news, and the unexpected alterations in her life, she kept faith that God would heal her and she would be healthy and well again. During this time, Sheila was faced with the dilemma of recovery.  While it was easy to be discouraged, this time reignited the passion and love of fashion that God birthed within me.  The Sheila Gray accessories collection began with hand crocheted scarves that were bright, vibrant and always one of a kind.  She created from her heart and soul, and her collections were well received and embraced.  Sheila learned that many people connected with them and wanted more!  This brought about the present collection made from beautiful fabrics, my joy for life, and an idea for a product that would be handmade, American-made, and completely unique.  Standing on the principle that everything has a purpose, I discovered that I could recycle the bits and pieces of lavish fabrics I see everyday and turn them into whimsical and even transformational scarves.
Sheila Gray scarves and accessories change not only your clothes from "drab to fab" but transform your look and becomes a "outfit maker."  bringing out the confident, vibrant and creative side that lies dormant in us all. Each scarf is handmade with love out of the most luxurious European fabrics, arranging from cozy sweater knits to the finest brocades and plush faux furs, which come together to create a tactile landscape with a sumptuous terrain-each scarf bears a kind of otherworldliness unto itself. Each neckpiece, necklace and cuff is handmade with love and finest European fabrics and a mixture of different elements, such as Agate, Amber, Carnelian, Citrine, Dolomite and many other beautiful stones.  Sheila would mix beads, pearls, metal and more together to make a one of a kind wonder. Each piece has a unique and exotic and classic elegance to it, making it a stable piece for any one's wardrobe.  With her passionate love of fashion and a belief that uniqueness appeals to everyone.  Sheila Gray work's to make sure each wearer feels special and confident-a place where we all look and feel our very best!  What makes this collection even more special is the fact that through it I can give back.  She donates a percentage of the proceeds to Organizations like Pink Access to fight cancer and Kindness and Hope as well as to help others and by donating products.